Premium Sheep Milk Products
Company Profile
Belonging to Xi'an Goat Dairy Group, Xi'an Sheep Dairy Co.,Ltd.(XIPU Dairy)is the first premium strategic operator committing to sheep dariy products. With 100% imported milk source, and the mission of creating the best sheep milk formula for global consumers, in past five years XIPU Dairy set the standard bar for the whole category, won the trust of millions of mothers and inaugurated a new era for sheep milk products.
Features of Sheep Milk
Sheep milk contains 200 kinds of nutrients and bioactive substances.The absorption rate of medium chain fatty acid reaches 95%, which can reduce blood cholesterol. Containing a variety of phosphate and protein and very low allergen substance (alpha s1- casein),sheep milk is an ideal food for patients with gastric ulcer. .


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Xi'an Sheep Dairy Co.,Ltd.has gained HACCP,GMP,ISO and QS certifications,HALAL certification of MUIS,Certification of CHINESE CUSTOMS,Registration of FDA.